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Will my home look like a high-tech laboratory? Learn about some common misconceptions. | Simplify My Home
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Q: Will my home look like a high-tech laboratory? Learn about some common misconceptions.

  1. Home Control Aystems Are Only for The Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous
    Prices for basic yet feature-rich systems can start as low as $3,500.

  2. I Won't Really Use It
    Most home control system owners are surprised at how often they use their systems once their setups are installed. Many users come to feel that after having living with the conveniences of home control, living without a system would be like living without a garage door opener.

  3. It'll Become Obsolete in a Couple of Years
    Historically, home control systems have provided an infrastructure for a home's electronics that can evolve with the advent of new technologies. Many of the systems installed 10 or more years ago are still operational and being updated with new features not even conceived of when the system was originally installed.

  4. It's Too Complicated
    It is simply not true that the only people who can operate home control systems are 12-year-olds. Advances in graphical user interfaces (the devices used to issue commands to components) have made home control systems extremely easy to us-and a lot more fun, too. Interfaces can be personalized with buttons that relate to your everyday routines or lifestyle. For example, a button labeled joe's favorites could send music from your favorite radio station to speakers throughout the house.

  5. The System Will Make My Home Look Like a High-Tech Laboratory
    Touch panels, keypads and other interfaces that come with home control systems have become smaller, sleeker and available in a variety of colors and styles to match your personal taste and the decor of your home.

Working Together

If you think you'd like your home to have more than two systems—say, a lighting control system, a whole-house music system and a security system-then it's probably wise to place all three under the command of a single control setup. That means you can probably hire one firm that specializes in integration to get the individual systems installed and working cohesively. If you'll be putting a control setup into a home that's under construction, introduce the integration specialist to your builder, architect and other tradespeople as soon as possible. The information he gathers from those professionals will help him create a system that blends in with the architecture and the interior of the house-as well as with your lifestyle.