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Q: Why should I consider home control?

Dealers are experts at getting different products to work together. For example, they know how to program a security system so it can also control the lights and thermostats. They can set up one button on your remote to dim the lights, close the drapes and start the projector in your home theater. When your systems are integrated and in sync, they're easier and more convenient to use.

How does home control work?

"Category or Cat5, 5e or 6" is a type of cable that is most often used to transmit data over a computer network or between computers. However, it can also be used to transmit audio and video signals between AV components throughout a home. Commands from a home control system can also travel to lights, thermostats and other devices over Cat5 or higher cabling.

Top Reasons Why You Might Want Home Technology?

  • Efficiency.Turning off lights, lowering the thermostat, locking doors and turning off the TVs and other electronics from a single button before you go to bed.
  • Convenience. Programming your system to turn lights on and off automatically at certain times of the day.
  • Security. Making your home appear to be occupied while you're away by enabling your system to open and close the window shades automatically. Having the system text or email you when someone rings the doorbell.
  • Fun. Imagine all the fun you'll have when you can play your favorite music or movies in every room of the house. And all you have to do is press a button.

Before You Sign...

Make sure your contract clearly defines the following:

Who will do the work?

Your dealer may handle the design and installation of your home control system, and he or she may subcontract with another company to handle other components of the install, like the AV components, security system, etc.

What's covered?

Some dealerships may combine their consultation, design and installation time into one flat fee. Others may charge separately for each service.


If something goes wrong with your system, you'll need to know who to call, and whether the problem is covered by the manufacturer's warranty or the dealer's warranty and for how long coverage lasts.

Follow-up Service

You should expect to have a few modifications made to your home control system after a few months of living with it. Be sure you understand what types of modifications are covered under the contract and for how long.

And be sure that your dealer runs updates on your control system as they become available.

—Adam Weart, design and engineering manager, Homewaves, Cumming, GA