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Meet your clients’ home technology needs with ease
Working with a home technology expert can save time and money and enhance your portfolio of services, while freeing you to concentrate on what you do best. And like any design partner, a home technology expert works with you to ensure a seamless blend of technology that won’t detract from your design plan.

At the touch of a button on a touch panel, smart phone or tablet your clients will be able to monitor their home, adjust the home’s temperature, turn lights on or off, cue up a movie or music and close shades in any room of the home or anywhere in the world.

Your creations tell a story about the people for whom you design. It is your ability to blend the unique requests of each with your sense of style and aesthetics that will foster client confidence and a positive customer experience. The right home technology partner will work with you, your team, your clients and your design plans to identify; design; program and install a suitable solution that helps you complete jobs on time, on budget and on par with client demands. Selecting a partner who exhibits these qualities and has your same passion for quality craftsmanship will result in the stress-free delivery of a happy ending every time.
AMX Design Line
Project difficulties get solved when you apply the right resources to the task.
Call the AMX Design Line when you need advice or recommendations on adding home technology in your design projects. Our solutions advisors and residential experts are here to help you work through complex design objectives or simply gain a better understanding of the technology required to do a job.

Free Support – The AMX Design Line is a free service for architects, home builders, interior designers and other design professionals as well as homeowners. A solutions advisor will prompt you with a few general questions to ensure you are connected to the right AMX expert. Simple questions will be answered immediately. More complex questions may require a scheduled call with an AMX expert. We can also set up a conference call/meeting to better understand your project and provide appropriate advice.

We’re here to help. Call us today at 1.855.269.8585.

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