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Can I pipe my music outside? | Simplify My Home
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Q: Can I pipe my music outside?

All About Outdoor Speakers

A slew of speaker types fit almost any atmosphere. And it is really important to think about speaker placement when it comes to outdoor audio. This, along with price and your existing equipment, will decide which speaker fits you best.

Some outdoor speakers are the standard boxy speaker shape we have become accustomed to. Some can be mounted, some are in walls and some are the perfect resting spot for a drink. Molded speakers are sometimes made out of different materials like vinyl and can be customized to fit a specific area or painted to match a certain decor.

If you want to spread out the sound throughout your outdoor area, rock speakers might be a good fit. These units are easy to place in multiple locations because they blend into bushes, gardens and other outside locations. Other units take the shape of decorative planters, packing a speaker inside while holding your favorite foliage.

It's also important to know how your speakers will withstand the elements. There is a difference between waterproof and weatherproof. Waterproof units will stand up against a summer storm and poolside horseplay. If you want your speakers to make it through drastic temperature changes, they should be able to withstand many elements, making them weatherproof. However, not all weatherproof speakers are also waterproof. To ensure you get the right speaker for your application just talk to your dealer.