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How can make my home theater look like the real thing? | Simplify My Home

Q: How can make my home theater look like the real thing?

Stadium Style

If there's room in your dedicated home theater, give the seating arrangement a real boost. Talk to your dealer about creating risers for the one or two rows of seating you have behind the front row. Just as with the stadium-style seating at your local cinema, you won't have to worry about someone's head getting in the way of your line of sight. Plus, doing so makes it easier to add other enhancements such as pathway lighting along the risers or a long countertop to place snacks during the movie.

A Box Office Smash

If you really want to bring the vintage theater experience to your own home, there's no shortage of ways to spruce up the surroundings. Inside the theater itself, you can start with nicely framed movie posters. If your theater or basement area has enough space for a mini lobby or even a bar, posters can add some glitz to those spaces, too.

And, there are a number of companies that provide framed movie memorabilia.