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What seating will work best in my media room? | Simplify My Home
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Q: What seating will work best in my media room?

Get Comfy While You Watch

You wouldn't want to watch TV in an uncomfortable chair or sofa in your living room, so why would you do it in your home theater or media room? Seating choices are abundant these days, with enough styles, fabrics, features and accessories of which to choose.

How many people do you expect to attend movie screenings or Super Bowl parties in your theater? What is the size of the room? Answering these types of questions will help you determine the first step in your seat selection: figuring out the number and type of seats you need. Dedicated theaters usually incorporate at least one or two rows of three to five seats each. However, with options such as love seats and couches to go with single seats, you can mix and match however you like. Some companies even manufacture products with fold-down armrests that can transform multiple chairs into a love seat, or vice versa, for more elbow room.

Be sure to look for those extras that may help in your decision making. Some chairs have motorized recliners and headrests, massagers, subwoofer-like tranducers, integrated motion simulators and even have cupholders and touchscreens integrated into the armrests.