Automate Your Home
Even though more people are incorporating technology in their homes, staying on top of rapidly evolving products and solutions can be overwhelming and time consuming. AMX simplifies the selection process. Whether you choose to work with AMX or another company, our goal is to equip you to make decisions that meet your specific wants and needs.
And, we’ll do it one step at a time.

it all starts with a plan

From automated lighting systems to an awe-inspiring media room, it takes careful planning to design and install an automated system that complements your home and lifestyle. Take the time to find the right dealer to work closely with your architect, builder or interior designer during the initial planning stages. They'll help you determine the proper mix of automated systems and controls, and design for you a custom system.

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system design

The dealer will work with you and/or your architect, builder, interior designer or property manager to ascertain your requirements, then design, program and install a suitable solution. The discussion with the dealer will include establishing wiring specs, equipment housing, room aesthetics, lighting and sound components and control panel placement. The dealer will also assess all existing components and decide whether new equipment is needed. Finally, component integration is planned and touch panels are programmed with the user interface of your choice.

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 room specs
 wiring specs
 equipment housing
 power requirements
 audio system
 projection system
 lighting control
 room seating
 room integration


After the planning and design have been finalized, it's time for installation. As your home is being constructed or retro-fit, any special electrical work, wiring, fixtures or cabinets to house electrical equipment can be installed. When your home is ready for move-in or your improvements have been finished, your dealer will complete the control system integration, program and test the system and ensure everything is working correctly.

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Installation Tips

Everything Else You Need to Know About Creating and Enhancing Your Electronic Lifestyle

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The decision to automate your environment represents a significant investment in your home and in technology. To protect your investment's long-term value, you'll want to be sure that your home and system will easily accommodate new innovations in multimedia, networking and communications formats, as well as your family's changing needs. Be sure to discuss with your dealer future equipment and programming upgrades, as well as capabilities add-ons.

AMX welcomes the opportunity to set up a consultation between you, your associates, and an AMX certified dealer in your area. Or, we can work with your existing dealer to take care of all your needs and dreams.